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Since it's understandable that you might not want to run any executable without knowing what it does, I developed TESM.TESM stands for ThrownException's Security Manager. Using a Security Manager is an already known mechanic in Java, but there is only one default one and it's static. TESM is a dynamic Security manager, with a whitelist, a blacklist, a default option and user interaction. Any code ever written eventually uses certain core methods that come with the installation of Java. These methods all consult the set Security Manager to get permission for doing certain things. Web applications won't get permission from the default Security Manager to access files for example. TESM will grant or deny permission based on a configuration file that can be found in the same folder as the executed .jar file. To set TESM as your security manager, drop the two files provided below in any .jar and run the .jar using a command line interface with:"java -Djava.security.manager=TESM -jar [name of file].jar"You can find the necessary files here.

All my code is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

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This is my take on Minesweeper, based on the Windows XP game. (Right next to Pinball).


- Flags and...

- Bombs!

- Customizable field size and bomb amount

- Awesome backgrounds that aren't actually mine (credits included)

- Less awesome pixel icons used on the minefield (which are mine).

- Game saving and loading

- Made an algorithm that solves it for you. It in the case of there being no way to know what to do next, a random square is uncovered.

How to play (yourself):

- Every square you uncover shows a number. This indicates how many bombs there are in the 8 neighbouring cells.

- If you're certain that certain cells are bombs, you can mark them by right-clicking the cell.*

- If you're certain that certain cells can't be bombs, you can open them by left-clicking the cell.*

- You win when all cells without a bomb are uncovered and all cells with a bomb are marked.

* Unless you switched the functionality of the mouse buttons. Marking a cell is done by clicking the mouse button which opens up the context menus.

How to play (with the computer):

- Click step to iterate through the field once.

- Click run to keep doing steps. Click again to turn it off.


- Light cells were opened up. (Good)

- Green bombs were marked. (Good)

- Cells with flags were wrongly marked. (Bad)

- Dark cells were still uncovered. (Bad)

- Red bombs weren't marked. (Bad)

Download here!

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