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Since it's understandable that you might not want to run any executable without knowing what it does, I developed TESM.TESM stands for ThrownException's Security Manager. Using a Security Manager is an already known mechanic in Java, but there is only one default one and it's static. TESM is a dynamic Security manager, with a whitelist, a blacklist, a default option and user interaction. Any code ever written eventually uses certain core methods that come with the installation of Java. These methods all consult the set Security Manager to get permission for doing certain things. Web applications won't get permission from the default Security Manager to access files for example. TESM will grant or deny permission based on a configuration file that can be found in the same folder as the executed .jar file. To set TESM as your security manager, drop the two files provided below in any .jar and run the .jar using a command line interface with:"java -Djava.security.manager=TESM -jar [name of file].jar"You can find the necessary files here.

All my code is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

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Updated: Jan 24, 2018

Most people who are into computers know this classic arcade game called Pong (1972). My version includes player vs player and player vs computer game modes. Player 1 uses Q and A, Player 2 (if CPU is off) uses P and L. The ball slowly speeds up over time and a CPU Speed percentage (in the menu) of 100% causes it to be as fast as Player 1. The game might not be that exciting, but oh boy, the development was one big surprise. I (re)wrote so much code that wasn't even project-specific.

I rewrote the DecoStage, this is the code that causes the window decorations including the minimize, maximize and close buttons to hide whenever your mouse is on the window. This now includes better positioning and animations. Besides that, I also adjusted CreditScene to also allow a smaller credit box under the main text "Made by ThrownException". This way I could properly credit the people's content I used and the entire overlay is now animated. Then I wanted to imlement sounds, but I could only play files which were placed outside the application. So after researching and writing code to move internal files outside, I also had to write the right code to delete all the files when the application exits. This way I wouldn't be leaving trash everywhere.

It has been quite a journey for such a small and simple application, but I know that the code I wrote will be of great value for next projects. Download here!

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